Urgent orders are a big part of our business. We recognise that we are the last link in a chain for sales teams running marketing campaigns, brand leaders pushing for a launch with a new product range as well as retailers running out of stock in their shops and facing penalties. We are more than used to this situation, commonly urgent orders are running on the production within an hour of materials arriving. No other company can offer a shorter lead time in this area.

In order to achieve this service there must always be machinery available, it is our policy to have sufficient machinery to allow at least one machine to be idle even during peak periods. Not only does this allow for maintenance on all machines but also allows us to meet delivery dates while machinery is being serviced and guarantee an available machine for urgent orders.

In 2016 we added one single lane and one twin lane machine to our inventory in order to maintain this policy - our current excess capacity is 100 million sachets per year.

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