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Film Options

Film Options

None recyclable

Standard three-layer foil film Pet12/Al9/Pe75

Good strength and UV resistance shelf life circa 2 years and over with most products including aggressive products, oils and powders. This is our most commonly used and well balanced on price and characteristics.

Superior grade four-layer film Pet12/Al9/Pet12/Pe75

Superior strength, a higher quality feel, shelf life 2 years and over with most products including aggressive products and oils. Recommended for customers looking for a premium finish and willing to pay more for it.

Two ply clear film Pet12/Pe100 (No foil)

This product has less strength than the foil films and has no UV resistance As an example this film would be used in situations we need a window to see the product inside the sachet or simply a see through sachet.

Powders and none aggressive liquids (none recyclable)

50Paper/12PE/7ALU/23Surlyn (White) A paper finished laminate using a thin foil layer and benefitting from an internal Surlyn layer for greater sealing on powders. This product has less strength than plastic films but still suitable for retail and can be easily torn open by the user without the aid of tear notches, it benefits from a high UV barrier.


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