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Recyclable Sachets


MDOPe/Pe-EVOH-Pe (white) Our Newest addition and what we believe to be a huge stride towards full recyclability and suitable for retail with both liquids and powders and suitable for metal detection. 

Retailer Recyclable Category 4 available from June 2022!

This product benefits from and inner Pe layer just like standard film so compatibility issues are unlikely and the product benefits from high barrier properties similar to that of foil version films, as this film has no foil designs can be a little translucent but we see this as a small trade off.

(we can also help with a free in house compatibility testing or set up a test with our independent external test company)

Powder only sachets

80Paper+4Pe OPRL Approved – Fully Kerbside Recyclable Paper! A light weight Paper film with an extremely thin layer of Pe making it suitable for a range of uses any paper sachet would be suitable for, so great for kits, packs and handouts, not as durable as 50/23s or plastic films but a great product in light use.


We do have one compostable paper film available for powders however once printed the inks restrict the breakdown of the material so printing must be minimal to maintain the statement of it being Compostable, for this reason its use is limited, if you would like more information on this product please get in touch.


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